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Convex skew

The Question ; to concave or to convex?One of the demonstrators at Turnfest 2014 was Eli Avisera , who made everything look so easy, and in hindsight probably is with enough practice . ( yeah like years )One of the tools he used was a skew ground with a convex on both sides

These diagrams are exaggerated views.

The convex grind only needs to be slightly raised above flat.


Let’s take a look at the theory.

Standard concave ground skew.
– the cutting edge has no direct support ( exception when cutting a cove / radius )
– easy to regrind / sharpen


Convex ground skew.
– the cutting edge always has direct support
– very difficult to sharpen free hand or sharpen with a jig


Conclusion / challenge

If you have an old spare skew,  experiment with it.  Work outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself. But don’t just stop there, try a concave bevel on other tools too – for example Gouges / bowl gouges.

We would like to hear your positives and negatives, so we can share your feed back with other wood turners / craftsmen.
Cheers,  Gerald

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