Pre-ground and shaped and sharpened ready to use Replacement Hollowing Tool Cutter Bit: 1/4″
Suits both 5/8″ and 1/2″ JE Hollowing Tools

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Standard replacement HSS Cutter bit to suit all JE Hollowing Tool’s.

Size: 1/4″ Diameter 35mm long with a 10mm flat ground shaped and sharpened ready to use

All cutters are sharpened with a default 5° front relief angle and a 0° top angle

IMPORTANT: the front relief angle determines the performance of the hollowing tool ….too much angle results in the tool being aggressive and uncontrollable….the diameter of the piece your hollowing will determine the correct angle…a small diameter may require a 7° angle whilst a larger diameter may only require a 3° angle

Remember if it doesn’t feel and sound right ….STOP…and evaluate what’s going on

Dimensions 35 × 6.35 mm


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