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JE QuickChange Tool Holders
Size: 1/2″

These quick change Tool Holders are specifically designed to allow Turners to quickly change between multiple woodturning tools and set the tools at any desired length.

*Handles not included in packs.


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JE QuickChange Tool Holder

Size: 1/2″

These unique quick change Tool Holders Manufactured by Jesse Engineering provide turners with unparalleled flexibility.

Key Benefits of the Tool Holders include:

  • One Handle for Multiple Tools
  • Quick and Simple to Use – simply hand loosen clamping nut, remove tool and insert new tool, hand tighten brass nut
  • Allow you to hold tools any length
  • 2 part glue the holders to remove stress on timber
  • Allow you to make your handles to personally suit you -Length, Size and Shape (so use the best piece you can find, after all you’re the one who’s using it!)
  • Importantly, they look great!

Tool Holder packs include the Tool Holder, Brass Nut and all working components. Packs do not include Handle.


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